If you have a stirring passion for hunting and stalking, then you need look no further than the family-owned and run, B & D Stalking Equipment, for all your equipment needs. Based in Great Wyrley, on the Staffordshire/West Midlands border, it boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of hunting, across six different species, and can fully kit you out, whether you’ve had a long-term interest, or are just starting out in the field. B & D Stalking Equipment was formed in 2006 by an innovative, entrepreneurial family, who have a passionate desire to help others, who share the same enthusiasm for this stealthy pursuit, to follow in their footsteps in both safety and comfort. Renowned for its attention to detail, and superb after-sales service, you can find more out about the firm, its full list of products, and what its customers say, by clicking on the relevant pages.

About us

passion for shooting and the outdoors

B & D Stalking Equipment was launched back in 2006, as part of the larger, and ever-growing group of businesses under the highly respected name of B & D Leisure Products. Chris formed B & D Leisure Products Ltd in 2002. Oryx Engineering & Installation Ltd was formed in 2010. Chris has worked within the engineering industry all of his life. Equipped with its engineering background and expertise, the first stalking job the firm was recruited to do was manufacture a trailer capable of carrying a wheelchair. It was this first, highly successful challenge in the field of hunting, that would sow the seeds for the niche company of B & D Stalking Equipment to be born in 2006. And, the rest, as they say, is history, as it has proved to be a resounding success from its inception.

It’s clear that a key secret of the firm’s success is that the family firmly at the helm are passionate hunters and stalkers themselves. So, not only do they know the industry inside and out, but also what’s on this niche fraternity’s wish lists and they have the skills to see them through to fruition. Today the company continues to make bespoke equipment and pioneers new developments, which are available for wider sale with customers spanning the breadth of England, Scotland and Wales.





B & D Stalking Equipment has a bespoke, in-house design and installation service to meet individual needs from rough ideas, right through to the completed product. So, for example, whether you need a purpose-made cold room, trailer, modular cold room or a prep room, a timber high box can also be installed on-site ready to use.

Success Stories

Just one of its successes includes making high seats and training seats for the Deer Initiative, which ensures the delivery of a sustainable and well-managed wild deer population in England and Wales. It has also had commissions from artists wanting equipment to help them to observe wildlife in the woodlands; as well as from private estate managers and recreational deer managers across Great Britain. Many of its products have also proved to be huge industry successes in their own right, including its 360° high seat, which has been described as

“The best 360° ever sat in”

Derek Willox, Aberdeen 2012

Its stainless steel scent shoes are also used by dog trainers, across the country, and their quality has been widely recognised as being “second to none.”